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Welcome To Your One-Stop Shop For CCTV Solutions


The world is indeed a complex and less secure place today, and that’s why Jovision CCTV systems and security solutions are here for our clients. As your one-stop solutions provider, we’ll:


·       Ensure your open doors are continually watched


·       Prevent unauthorised entry into your homes, shops and office buildings


·       Protect your storage places, factories and manufacturing centers from vandalism


·       Provide you the comfort of knowing your assets are under continual surveillance – even while you are away!


·       Make sure your customers, students, commuters, workers, patients, friends and family feel safe and secure at all time


In short, no matter what your business, industrial, commercial or residential needs are, Jovision is bound to have the perfect CCTV system solution to meet those needs – guaranteed!


Who we are


Established in early 2000, Jovision has evolved into one of London’s most prominent security, CCTV and IP Camera and related products and service companies, which offer world-renowned, innovative technological solutions for security conscious clients.


In the 15+ years since our founding, we’ve grown into industry leaders in our business, employing 800+ staff globally, with income compounding at an impressive 10% rate year over year. We’ve established a global footprint, with our products and services now available in over 178 countries.


Thanks to our global presence, we proudly serve over 15 million (and growing!) satisfied customers worldwide!


What differentiates us?


So what makes us different from many of our peers? Simple: It’s our customer focus!


We have a history of listening to what our customers want, and then acting to deliver on those requirements. Whether it is a wireless CCTV system, or whether it is any other security or surveillance solution, our customers know what they want – and Jovision aims to deliver!


Jovision is not just a product seller! We don’t like being called “sales people!”. We are “solutions providers” that seek to offer real world solutions to our client’s real problems. And that’s what sets us apart from many of our peers in the business.


But that’s not all!


We’ve got some of the largest selections of CCTV systems and related security and surveillance solutions available anywhere. And because of the diversity of our offerings, we have become the “go to” partner for our clients when it comes to a single-window solution.


Unlike many others in the business, we have a very deliberate and planned growth strategy – expanding our business into areas where we can do the most good for our clients. We started with just a few products, and in a short time, have rapidly grown to include products and services and complete solutions from some of the world's most renowned name brands. Our products include:


·       Tribrid HD-CVI DVR and cameras


·       Tribrid HD-AHD DVR and cameras


·       Network video recorder


·       Digital video recorder


·       IP CCTV Cameras 1mp, 1.3mp and 2MP


·       DVR Cards WD1, D1


And while many of our competitors are focused on their bottom line, we are dedicated to quality. We’ve received numerous awards and compliance certificates for the high standards that we enforce across every aspect of our business.


Delivering Solutions Closer to You


Whether it is a wireless CCTV system solution that you are looking for, or an IP Camera or an NVR or DVR solution – we’ve made it even easier for our customers to benefit from our expertise.  We deliver our solutions right where you need them most!


Our world-renowned Dealer Program has rapidly grown, and we now offer our products and services all across London and the broader UK. Thanks to our highly trained and experienced partners, our professional network is growing quickly, and continues to evolve into a one-stop solutions provider (i.e. a "go to" name for our clients).


Our solutions are built around the latest PCB design, and are capable of offering highly innovative results, including Image Optimization, Defense Area Detection, Trip Line and Traffic Statistics. When integrated into an overall solution, our devices deliver peace of mind for clients across a broad spectrum of society.


Whether you are a hospital administrator, a principal of an educational institution, a small business entrepreneur, an oil pipeline operator, manager of public or private bus services, railways or airlines, or the CEO of a large corporation; Jovision’s vast professional network is easy to tap into to deliver you the solutions that you need – closer to home.


Simplicity at It’s Best


Our clients come to us because they crave simple systems that work. They don’t want to be bogged down with highly technical designs, complex installations and difficult system configuration and set up. And because we are a customer focused organization, we heard that and have reflected those needs in our products and solutions.


Jovision’s CCTV systems and other solutions are some of the easiest to install and operate. We offer D1 or 960H systems that can quickly be connected using a choice of methods – Wired, WiFi, or using 3G dongles. With little set up required, you could be up and running with your security system in no time.


And talking about simplicity, we don’t believe in having a complex installation or configuration system. Our unique cloudSEE platform automates the installation process, so that you don’t have to manually scan for IP address or spend countless hours to configure the devices.


With just a single click, your CCTV system will be up and running in no time. And that’s the kind of simplicity our customers have come to expect from us!


Investing In People, R&D and Technology


We are a company that believes in people. We know that our solutions are only as good as the people behind them. That’s why we are committed to continuous training and professional development of our staff.


Our 200+ strong R&D team is one of the largest and most well equipped of its kind in the business. Our team of researchers and developers is vibrant, and highly energetic, with an average age of around 28 years. They bring new ideas to life, and continually challenge old ones. Our people have their pulse on our client’s needs, and constantly come up with innovative new designs to serve those needs.


Because our people are our biggest asset, we take great care of them, ensuring they are always equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to service our client’s needs. We continually train and enhance our team’s knowledge and skills to embrace the latest in product development. We are then able to use that knowledge for the greater benefit of our clients.


We have a strong focus on quality assurance - ensuring all our products and services are delivered to the highest levels of quality. We have put in place multiple levels of QA and QC processes to ensure we deliver to the highest of global quality standards. These include in-house systems of review, automated testing, manual inspections and highly dedicated supervision and quality verification processes.


Our awards and certifications have come from some of the world’s leaders in security and surveillance technologies, acknowledging our commitment to quality. These include:

·       Cannon

·       Sony

·       Panasonic

·       Siemens

·       Bosch

·       Cisco

·       IndigoVision

·       Axis Communications

·       IDIS

·       HIK Vision


We are proud of these awards and accolades, and treat them as a badge of honor to us from our partners. They represent the trust that some of the world’s leading organizations have placed in us. And we are fully committed to living up to that trust.


We use the latest and most advanced, state of the art tools and technologies for all services and solutions delivered. Our team is supported by some of the most cutting edge technology in the industry. And it is this combination of people and technology that helps our CCTV systems to be rated number one in the world today. Our technological platform:


·       Is based on 300+ redundant servers that are based around the world


·       Supports over 15 million users world wide


·       Caters to 5+ million online users


Whether it is a wireless CCTV system, or any other product that we are building, we work to the highest international standards throughout the process. We are constantly focusing on the safety and security of our staff, clients and business associates.



Global Partnerships – Local Service


We have a “Think Global, Act Local” mentality in our DNA. From our very inception, we have strived to bring high quality, top of the line products, services and solutions to our customers worldwide.


Because of our focus on “full service solutions”, we’ve partnered with some of the most reliable names in the industry. Our partners include big names like:


·       Sony


·       Samsung


·       RICOM


·       Microchip


·       Cestar


·       Silicon Energy


·       Yupin


·       Fulhan


·       Micron


·       Richnex


·       Omni Vision


·       …and many others!


And because of these strong alliances, whether it is for CCTV systems or any other security solutions, our clients can always rely on the quality of our service.  And that’s the type of peace of mind that our clients have come to expect from us!