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Welcome To The Best Dealer Program Nationwide


If you have found yourself viewing this page, you’re probably looking for opportunities to expand your business, or ways to align yourself with a organization that represents the best in the business. You’re in the right place!


We are proud of the fact that Jovision UK offers the best dealer program nationwide for CCTV suppliers, CCTV camera suppliers and other professionals in the CCTV industry. Regardless of what you’re existing business arrangements might be with other product brands, and it doesn’t matter how large or small your own current network of clients and sub-contractors is, Jovision always has room to partner with you.


While we are very selective in choosing our partners, we are also very flexible in accommodating the unique needs of our chosen associates. Regardless of where you are located, or how your own business operations are organized, you’re sure to find that our Jovision Dealer Program offers mutual advantages for both our organisations.


In fact, we are actively looking for partners like you – dealers, installers, resellers - so we can all prosper together!


So, if you are seriously considering ways to expand your own portfolio of high-end, top of the line CCTV offerings, then we encourage you to read on. You won’t regret spending the next few minutes learning about Jovision’s Distributor Program, and how you too may become part of this exclusive network of Jovision dealers and distributors!


About Our Dealer Program


When it comes to CCTV solutions, we are the nation’s largest “one stop shop”.  Our customers rely on us to deliver end to end cutting edge IP Camera and digital CCTV solutions to them. What that means is that, with the help of partners like you, including CCTV dealers and wireless CCTV system suppliers, we aim to become the “go to” name for clients across the UK to source IP Camera, DVR, NVR and CCTV solutions of all kinds.


Thanks to the latest technological solutions offered by Jovision, we are on the cusp of realizing our vision for our Dealer Program – which is to:


·       Become the number one dealer/distribution network of its kind anywhere in the UK


·       Provide a wide range of solutions and services to our clients


·       Encourage the highest professional and ethical standards of customer service across our network


·       Help all our partners – such as yourselves – grow and flourish alongside ourselves


And that’s exactly what the Jovision Dealer Program is all about!


What’s in it for you?


Many of our peer Dealer Program’s work more like loyalty programs for CCTV suppliers and CCTV dealers. Theirs is more of a “transactional” program, where partners within the network have a singular aim: To sell products to clients, regardless of their suitability or effectiveness.


The Jovision Dealer Program isn’t at all like those programs. As a CCTV supplier within our network, we offer you much more than simply the chance to sell high quality products. And as a CCTV camera distributor or installer, the Jovision Dealer Program offers a much deeper relationship than simply a “financial” partnership.


Our innovative vision is to create a network of highly professional partners that will revolutionise the CCTV industry by redefining the term “partnership”. Whether you partner with us as a dealer, an installer or a reseller of our products and services, you’ll have access to:


·       GREAT PARTNERS TO WORK WITH: Here at Jovision, we are a team of highly experienced industry professionals, who aim to create a mutually beneficial network of like minded professionals as our partners. As part of our network, CCTV camera suppliers, installers and resellers like you will have the unique opportunity of partnering with our stellar team of professionals, and working with the best of the best in the business!  


Our partnership proposal is based on mutual respect for each other’s skills and talents, and the understanding that collectively, we can foster a great working relationship where individuals and groups can excel at what they are best at!


·       HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS: Our DVR Card, NVR, DVR, IP Camera and CCTV Camera solutions are best of breed – without a doubt! We believe that our technology is second to none and that we represent the very best that the CCTV industry has to offer. By joining the Jovision Dealer Program therefore, you and your team will have the opportunity of working with, installing, reselling and supporting some of the leading edge technological solutions in the industry!


·       EXCLUSIVE PRICING: Jovision offers highly competitive prices across its product and service ranges. We have deliberately positioned our solutions at highly affordable price-points. But for CCTV suppliers and other partner resellers, we periodically offer exclusive pricing that makes our solutions even more competitive for your customers!


·       EXPERT LEVEL SUPPORT: Unlike many others in the industry, we don’t leave our partners to fend for themselves! We’ve developed a deep bench of professionals with expert level knowledge of our products and services. As a CCTV distributor, a supplier of our CCTV camera solutions, an installer of these equipments or an accredited Jovision reseller, you and your support team will have access to that expert level support when required!


·       EXCITING PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Jovision is a strong believer in sharing knowledge with and amongst its partners. We believe that we can all learn from each other; and that’s why our Dealer Program offers our partners unique opportunities to network with our own teams, and interact with other CCTV dealers, installers and resellers within the Jovision Dealer Network.



Not only will this mean exciting learning opportunities for you and your team, but it also means that our partners can cooperate and collaborate with each other on select business opportunities – such as joint bids and sub-contracting arrangements!


·       HIGHLY TRAINED SOLUTIONS CONSULTANTS: Our vision is not just to sell products, but to emerge as the leading provider of complete CCTV, wireless and IP camera solutions. As such, we’ve developed highly sophisticated consulting solutions expertise in-house, that we are committed to sharing with our partners.


What this means is that, as wireless CCTV system suppliers, equipment resellers and solution installers, you too will be able to develop the ability to provide your own network of clients with complete solutions consulting services – not just single product support and service. This will translate to more higher-margin business to you and your team!


·       PROMPT RESPONSE TO QUERIES AND REQUESTS: The end vision of the Jovision Dealer Program is to foster long lasting business relationships between us and our partner installers, resellers and dealers. We realise that to build those partnerships, we need to support you in a prompt and timely fashion.


Whether you are a supplier of our CCTV camera solutions, or an installer, at Jovision, we are committed to being highly responsive to all of your queries and requests – no matter how difficult or complex they may be. After all, if you are able to get back to your clients and customers in a timely manner, that will mean your success. And since our success depends on yours – we’ll ensure that we support you promptly and expeditiously!


·       PERIODIC CUSTOMER REFERRALS: Whether you sign up as a CCTV camera distributor, an installer of our solutions, or a dealer of one of our many products; there’ll always be a time where we ourselves, or some of our other network partners, will be looking for other professionals to supplement their own initiatives.  



Whether it means passing off new customers to someone from within the Jovision Network, supplementing expertise from a fellow dealer, or subcontracting specialised work to reliable partners within our community of partners; these are amazing opportunities that you can only leverage by being part of our dynamic Dealer Program!  


At the heart of it, our efforts are aimed at creating a highly effective professional network that relies on the collective synergies of all of our partners. The Jovision Dealer Program has therefore been structured as a win-win proposition for everyone associated with it.


Whether you are a CCTV distributor, an installer or a reseller of our world class products and solutions: As we expand and prosper, so too will our partners in our Dealer Network thrive and succeed. It’s that simple!


It’s Time For Action!


Jovision is expanding – quickly! We are fast becoming the nation’s most reliable network of IP and CCTV solutions nationwide. And because of this success, we are looking for a limited number of installers, dealers and resellers to join our Jovision Dealer Program.


Our offer of mutually assured growth and expansion will be restricted to the CCTV distributor, CCTV dealer or reseller who responds to our invitation quickly and with confidence. As a business entity that values its own image and reputation, we aim to keep our network manageable, in order to ensure we can provide our partners all the support they need.


Once we have met our stated objective of expansion, our Dealer Program will no longer be available to new entrants into this exciting opportunity.


So if you are looking to expand your own business, act quickly and reach out to us now, so you too can join the Jovision Dealer Program and enjoy the benefits of a long and mutually advantageous business partnership.  






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